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Walmart Movie Book Title: Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (Paperback)
Author: Greg Spotts
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In this fast-paced companion book to Robert Greenwald’s explosive documentary Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, author Greg Spotts takes you behind the scenes of the making of this controversial film and the grass-roots pressure campaign challenging one of the world’s largest and most powerful companies. The story of a wide-ranging investigation that was kept secret from its target, this book describes Greenwald and his crew on a nine-month journey filled with breakthrough moments and unexpected challenges. Given unlimited access to the filmmakers, Spotts reveals the new tactics and technologies that are revolutionizing political filmmaking, offering inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and activists.

The Case Against Wal-Mart Title: The Case Against Wal-Mart
Author: Al Norman
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"Written by Al Norman, the world’s foremost expert on and leader of the anti-sprawl movement, The Case Against Wal-Mart calls on consumers to go on a "Wal-Mart diet." Norman says that only a consumer boycott of Wal-Mart will show the company that U.S. citizens disapprove of its business tactics.

This is a book every American shopper should read before making another trip to Wal-Mart. As Al Norman says, "Friends don't let friends shop at Wal-Mart." --

Slam Duking Walmart Bad Business Title: Slam-Dunking Wal-Mart!
Author: Al Norman
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"Slam-Dunking Wal-Mart" is a call for the preservation of all the qualities we love about hometown America. It is one man's David versus Goliath story. It can also be a road map for your community's fight to keep its downtown businesses and core values."

Women's Rights Equality Title: The Great American Jobs Scam: Corporate Tax Dodging and the Myth of Job Creation
Author: Greg LeRoy
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"Founder and director of the nonprofit center Good Jobs First, LeRoy offers a parade of damning case studies showing why communities should not woo corporations with subsidies. Corporate tactics, he finds, include quickly shuttered subsidized facilities, union busting and jobs that pay below the poverty line. Exploring in depth the abuses of tax breaks by large corporations and government through the "economic development" of communities, LeRoy offers a series of commonsense reforms that would give taxpayers powerful new tools to redirect monies in ways that will really pay off. " -- Publishers Weekly

Walmart Scam Jobs Title: Selling Women Short
Author: Liza Featherstone
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"Fortune magazine's "Most Admired Company" for two years running, Wal-Mart offers its customers low prices and its shareholders big profits, but as freelance journalist Featherstone (Students Against Sweatshops) argues, this comes at great cost ... Using a close investigation of the class action suit Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and extensive interviews with female workers, Featherstone indicts Wal-Mart for low wages, discriminatory policies and sexist practices." -- Publishers Weekly

Wal-mart Destoring America Title: How Wal-Mart is Destroying America
Author: Bill Quinn
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"After carving up the once lovingly cared-for downtowns of Small Town America, Wal-Mart launched a frontal assault on mom-and-pop businesses all over the globe. With 1.5 million employees operating more than 3, 500 stores, Wal-Mart is now the world’s largest private employer. In this third edition of HOW WAL-MART IS DESTROYING AMERICA (AND THE WORLD), intrepid Texas newspaperman Bill Quinn continues the fight. Featuring detailed accounts of Wal-Mart’s questionable business practices and the latest information on Wal-Mart lawsuits, vendor issues, and efforts to stop expansion, Quinn shows why Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is arguably the most feared and despised corporation in the world." --

Did your Vote Count? Watch a very disturbing video about it Here
Electronic Voting
Author Bev Harris is the 52-year old grandma who found 40,000 secret voting machine files on the Web, which have now been studied by computer scientists all over the world. "Black Box Voting" is the book that resulted from her investigations into the voting industry.
What she learned was that modern-day voting systems are run by private for-profit corporations, rely on a few cronies for oversight, using a certification system so fundamentally flawed that it allows machines to miscount and lose votes, with hidden back doors that enable "end runs" around the voting system. Find out why your vote might not count -- and what to do about it! Here

Read now more than ever!

He shows, for example, how the WTO prevents cheap AIDS drugs from reaching victims in Africa and how World Bank loan policies have crippled the economies of Tanzania and other developing countries. On the home front, he details Exxon's horrific safety record before the Valdez disaster and reveals the price-gouging by Texas power companies during the California energy crisis. In Britain, Palast exposes the "cash for access" policies of the Blair administration, and blasts the legal system for shielding Pfizer Pharmaceuticals from lawsuits by victims who had defective Pfizer valves installed in their hearts

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 224 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.69 x 9.30 x 6.32
  • Publisher: Pluto Press; (February 15, 2002)
  • ISBN: 0745318460

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