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Health Books

Fast Food Nation , by Eric Schlosser
     On any given day, one out of four Americans opts for a quick and cheap meal at a fast-food restaurant, without giving either its speed or its thriftiness a second thought. Fast food is so ubiquitous that it now seems as American, and harmless, as apple pie. But the industry's drive's Best of 2001

Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Our Planet , by Martin Teitel, Kimberly A. Wilson and Ralph Nader
     According to this primer for non-scientists, there are three basic problems of biotech food: future uncertainties, owning food, or more exactly, seeds; and the globalization of monoculture. Topics include how genetic engineering works; who wins and who loses because of the biotech industry; risks...From Book News, Inc.

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The Way We Grow : Good-Sense Solutions for Protecting Our Families from Pesticides in Food, by Anne Witte Garland
     An informative guide to pesticide-free eating examines the problems caused by pesticides, takes a look at some organic-farming success stories, and shows steps that the consumer can take to guarantee safe food.

Empty Harvest : Understanding the Link Between Our Food, Our Immunity, and Our Planet, by Mark Anderson and Bernard Jensen
     This book is very profound. While browsing through the local bookstore, the title of the book jumped out at me and basically told me, "OK.. you will buy me". I was psyched to read this book simply because of the title, even though when I skimmed through it in the store it looked great....A reader, Islip, NY United States, December 12, 2000

Natural Foods and Products: Making a Better World, by Gary Chandler and Kevin Graham
     Natural Foods focuses on global techniques to grow organic produce, using small spaces, environmentally sensitive methods, and ethical practices. Protecting Our Air, Land, and Water has a strong conservation bent, with standard fare about preserving wetlands, old-growth forests, and methods to make one's community environmentally aware...Library Schools
Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care, by Aubrey Hampton
     A long term sufferer of skin maladies, I began searching the internet in earnest trying to find a skin care regime that wouldn't leave my face red, scaling, itchy, irritated, broken out and on fire. I tried expensive department store brands, products from infomercials, etc. Finally assuming it was...A reader, Denton, TX United States, April 9, 2002. The best book on the subject.

The Green Pharmacy, by James A. Duke
     There's still a lot to learn about the healing power of plants, James Duke points out, but what we do know is already prodigious. Much of that knowledge is gathered in The Green Pharmacy, an A-to-Z guide to that relies on plant-based medicines to cure what ails us. Between the listings, Duke

Food Politics, by Marion Nestle
     In the U.S., we're bombarded with nutritional advice--the work, we assume, of reliable authorities with our best interests at heart. Far from it, says Marion Nestle, whose Food Politics absorbingly details how the food industry--through lobbying, advertising, and the co-opting of


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