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Dan Millman

Dan Millman's spiritual roots come from the discipline of martial arts. Millman has mastered a difficult and highly needed art form: writing accessible guidebooks on living purposefully that could soften the most jaded of hearts and sharpen the most undisciplined of spirits  Millman, a former world-champion athlete, coach, and educator, presents practical ways to transform daily challenges into vehicles of spiritual growth.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior, 20th Anniversary Edition: A Book That Changes Lives
During his junior year at the University of California, Dan Millman first stumbled upon his mentor (nicknamed Socrates) at an all-night gas station. At the time, Millman hoped to become a world-champion gymnast. "To survive the lessons ahead, you're going to need far more energy than ever before," Socrates warned him that night. "You must cleanse your body of tension, free your mind of stagnant knowledge, and open your heart to the energy of true emotion." From there, the unpredictable Socrates proceeded to teach Millman the "way of the peaceful warrior." At first Socrates shattered every preconceived notion that Millman had about academics, athletics, and achievement. But eventually Millman stopped resisting the lessons, and began to try on a whole new ideology--one that valued being conscious over being smart, and strength in spirit over strength in body. Although the character of the cigarette-smoking Socrates seems like a fictional, modern-day Merlin, Millman asserts that he is based on an actual person. Certain male readers especially appreciate the coming-of-age theme, the haunting love story with the elusive woman Joy, and the challenging of Western beliefs about masculine power and success.

Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
The sequel to Way of the Peaceful Warrior is every bit as spellbinding as the original. Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior finds Dan disillusioned by his broken marriage and again searching for answers to the challenges of life. Again, the author uses the facts of his life, coupled with a vivid imagination, to create a fictinalized story with universal appeal. He searches for, and finds in amost unusual way, a nameless teacher that Socrates (his first teacher) had mentioned years before. His Hawaiian adventures with her teach spiritual truths in a suspenseful story format that's difficult to put down.

No Ordinary Moments: A Peaceful Warrior's Guide to Daily Life
If you are already a fan, you're in for a real treat. If you're not, get the first book, read it, join the throngs of Dan Millman admirers, then enjoy the new one.
Based on the principle that to change our world we first have to change ourselves, No Ordinary Moments: a Peaceful Warrior's Guide to Daily Life, outlines principles and practices to uplift our spirits, inspire real change, and make all our journeys easier. We all share the same journey up the mountain path of life, confronting issues of relationship, sexuality, health, money, and work. A clear mind is our map: a healthy body is our vehicle: open emotions provide the fuel.

The Laws of Spirit: Simple, Powerful Truths for Making Life Work
Millman's parable of a wise woman and laws of spirit which help to make life work smoothly contains gentle reflection and spiritual education for all who consult his title. The laws of spirit are at the basis of all religious traditions: Millman's outline documents their importance.

The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose
Best-selling author Millman invites readers into the world of The Life Purpose System, a method of life-purpose analysis that is similar to numerology yet more practical, using the time of our birth as the indicator of right livelihood. Millman doesnt stop at discussing the eleven basic life paths or their several variations, but has much to say about the influence of spiritual laws, from flexibility and balance to discipline and perfection. Issues of relationship and the cycles of life complete this ambitious work.

Living on Purpose: Straight Answers to Universal Questions
The Sufi poet Rumi once claimed that it is better to live the questions than always know the answers. In this spirit, bestselling author Dan Millman offers a book of contemplative answers to the common spiritual questions that we all live with. Millman has created a very readable format where he poses a question, offers a brief response (which he calls a "House Rule"), and then elaborates with lengthier thoughts and anecdotes. For example, when he asks, "Where can I find the right teacher for me?" he answers with this House Rule: "Our teachers appear in many forms." He then goes on to discuss how teachers can appear in the form of nature, strangers, children, or unexpected circumstances. Other questions include, "Why does my life seem to be getting worse?" (HR: "If we don't learn easy lessons, they get harder.") "What's the best way to make a big difference in the world?" (HR: "Little things can make a big difference.")


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