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Deep Thought Daily, taken from Ken Wilber's Books:

Kosmic Consciousness [UNABRIDGED]
10 Set CD Interview with Ken Wilber! Tammy Simon closely interviews Ken as to the many components of this "theory of everything," and she is relentless in making sure that Ken has explained topics to the point where they can be clearly understood. Must have for those on the edge of understanding Holonic Theroies, Quantumn Mechanics and human potenial. More Info

Brief History of Everything
This book has changed lived. This book is a condensed version of Sex. Ecology, & Spirituality. Ken has broken down his theory into a more digestable form for the layman. This dones't mean the book doesn't cover all the relevent material of Sex, Ecology & Spirituality, but rather the reader is less intimidated by Wilber's work and can get a great foundation of his though process and theories. If you only read one book by Ken Wilber then this should be the book. More Info

cover Boomeritis : A Novel That Will Set You Free
     Wilber, a hip and loquacious philosopher-guru whose influential treatises include A Theory of Everything (2000), turns to fiction to flesh out, as it were, his provocative theories about humanity and the Boomers, the generation everyone, including themselves, loves to hate. A keenly perceptive societal observer and synthesizer of interdisciplinary knowledge, Boomer Wilber's erudition is matched by a parodic sense of humor that inspired him to name his earnest, 20-year-old, son-of-Boomers More Info

cover The Eye of Spirit: An Integral Vision for a World Gone Slightly Mad
     Wilber's widely acknowledged "spectrum of consciousness" model integrates numerous different and important fields, from art and literary theology to cultural studies, from anthropology to philosophy. Using the spectrum approach, he shows exactly how the essentials of these various fields can be brought together in a coherent, comprehensive, and compelling fashion, thus providing an "integrative vision" for the modern and postmodern world . --This text refers to the paperback--Ingram More Info

cover A Theory of Everything: An Integral for Business, Politics, Science and Spirituality
     The spiritual intellectual Ken Wilber takes on the hottest theory in modern physics, known as the "M Theory," or the "The Theory of Everything." As Wilber explains, it is "a model that would unite all the known laws of the universe into one all-embracing theory that would literally explain everything in existence." Of course this new "M Theory" opens up a can of wormy, slippery questions, which Wilber addresses: "What does 'everything' actually mean? Would this new theory in physics explain, say, the meaning of human poetry? Or how economics work? Or the stages of psychosexual development?" Being Ken Wilber, he couldn't resist answering these questions...Individual (Anonymous) More Info

cover Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World's Great Physicists  
     Brings together for the 1st time the mystical writings of the world's great physicists - all of whom express a deep belief that physics and mysticism are somehow fraternal twins. Written in non-technical language.--This text refers to the paperback edition. More Info

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution  

     This account of men and women's place in a universe of sex and gender, self and society, spirit and soul is written in question-and-answer format, making it both readable and accessible. Wilber offers a series of original views on many topics of current controversy, including the gender wars, multiculturalism, modern liberation movements, and the conflict between various approaches to More Info

cover Integral Psychology : Consciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy
     In this dense text, philosopher Wilber (The Eye of the Spirit) aims to reconstruct a place for spiritual consciousness in Western developmental psychology. Describing prevailing psychological theories as inhabiting a "flatland" where only "the world of matter and energy, empirically investigated by...From Publishers Weekly More Info

cover Up from Eden : The Atman Project (The Collected Works of Ken Wilber Series)
In the beginning, Spirit was only alone and blissful in infinite silent repose. In the formless purity of the Infinite there was nothing but empty clarity and radiance. There was nothing but a thoughtless, feelingless eternity of Love, and only one problem, one tiny problem: the Love wanted to share itself somehow...Individual (Anonymous) More Info

cover The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating Science and Religion
This book is part history and part analysis. Historically this book traces Western theology and philosophy from the Enlightenment to Postmodernism and even to what Wilbur calls extreme postmodernism. As he follows this chronology Wilbur explores the strengths and weaknesses of the significant philosophical developments during that time period and explains how especially in a postmodern world we seek to a way to integrate (without lessening the autonomy of) art, science, and morality. His analysis of the short comings of other proposed integrative solutions is so good that without Wilbur's proposed solutions this book has great value. With Wilbur's solution which I think is very close to the only solution this book is priceless. The one major drawback to this book... the tone and topic of this book is essentially the same as every other Wilbur book. If you've read anything else by him then you won't be surprised by this book at all.---Unknown More Info

cover The Essential Ken Wilber: An Introductory Reader.

     This introductory sampler of Ken Wilber's thought, wisdom, and wit--excerpted from his most popular books--ranges over a variety of topics, including meditation, mystical experience, the new age, science, and spirituality.---Ingram More Info




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