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The Air we Breath
Earth Friendly Products

 The air we breath every day is taken for granted. We must have forgotten that we need clean air. Next to water air is most important thing life needs to survive. Why is it then that we seem concerned with how big our television is, how fast our computers run, if we will get the next sporting event on cable, yet we leave something so simple as clean air slip down the ladder of value?
     We all have read about the acid rain that comes down on us and the chemicals we humans project into the air are destroying our ozone. We even know the air we breath is a plethora of bioactivity that can carry a vast array of  bacteria, molds, pollens, spores, etc. Yet we concern ourselves with buying big SUVs for some reason. These creations are an abomination to the planet and all all life on it. They produce more carcinogens per mile than the average car. Why not look into a new gas-electric-hybrid car? Or the New Invention called the Segway Human Transporter.
     We are aware of what we have done, we still keep doing it, yet you can do something about it. First, take measures that will reduce how much toxin/waste (see Terra Tips) each of us puts into the environment, next protect yourself from what we have already put out there.  This page has a list of products that you may be interested in, check them out. 

Feature Product by: The Sharper Image
Ionic Breeze Quadra Silent Air Purifier icon
Sharper Image Design's™ Ionic Breeze® Quadra® Silent Air Purifier offers an array of compelling features that has made it our most popular product — silent operation; efficient air cleaning and odor reduction; no replacement filters; ultra-low energy use; and lightweight housing with an attractive, discreet profile; and continuous 24-7 cleaning. This efficient electrostatic air cleaner traps airborne irritants, allergens, on stainless steel collection blades — so there are no filters to replace, ever! The only maintenance is to occasionally slide out the blades and wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Satisfaction guaranteed! You have 60 days to try the Quadra®, risk free, in your own home. If you’re not 100 percent delighted, return it for a complete refund. You are the only judge! I’m sure you will be very happy with every aspect of this remarkable air purifier. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of them and — I hear it all the time — "people really like them!"

Sani-MateSani-Mate icon
Control microbial growth and clean the air without chemicals. Destroy odors, bacteria, viruses, molds, chemicals, smoke and allergens for just pennies a month. Using corona discharge to neutralize air pollutants, Sani-Mate draws air inside at the rate of 70 feet per minute, then subjects it to what is essentially a constant series of miniature lightning strikes. This cleans, sterilizes and refreshes the air just like air after a thunderstorm. Use in bathrooms, sick rooms and rooms needing general freshening. Maintenance-free with no parts to replace or filters to change. 4"H x 31/2"W x 1"D.

Deluxe Personal Air Supply Deluxe Personal Air Supply icon
Breathe ultra-pure, allergen-free air anywhere you travel. Breathe cleaner, healthier air in airplanes, offices and public places. Both the Classic Personal Air Supply and the Deluxe Personal Air Supply hang around your neck and use corona discharge technology to draw in and destroy pollutants, allergens and viruses. Each delivers a steady stream of pure, clean air to your mouth, nose and eyes with a virtually silent, fanless operation. Deluxe model is 30% smaller than classic model. Its solid platinum ion-emitters produce 90 trillion ions per second with an airflow of 75 feet per minute - making it more effective while traveling in open areas. Includes a 9-volt battery that operates for approximately 50-60 hours, neck strap and belt clip. Pacemaker users should consult a physician before using. USA. Deluxe Personal Air Supply (24/5"H x 23/10"W x 9/10"D, 3.5 oz.).

Indoor Air Quality
Increasingly, the medical research community is pointing the finger at indoor air quality as the source of many respiratory problems.
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Desktop Air Filter icon
Roomaid Hepa icon
Healthmate HEPA Air Filter icon
3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner icon
Car Ionizer icon
Air Cleaner Ceiling Fan w/Light Kit icon

Your home, the maker of dust. Even a slight increase in dust levels can translate to an increase in asthma and allergy attacks, hospital visits, or worse. An air purifier is an easy way to help your family ward off illness, breathe easier, and just feel better.
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