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 Water conservation and concerns over quality are very real issues in our shrinking world. We act as though we have an unlimited source of clean water.  Once, not to long ago, it was possible to drink the water without much thought given to the quality. Those days have passed and we must pay closer attention to the water we drink and to the problems that cause contamination and add pollutants to our rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks, oceans and seas.

     It is important that we all try and contribute to keeping our most precious resource, next to air, clean for all the earths inhabitants to use. The water is not ours alone, yet  we are at a stage in history where filters and purifiers are commonplace in today's homes. What was once a science-fiction horror has become the reality of today. We cannot go back, but  we can be more aware of how we use water, what we mix with water, how we dispose of potentially harmful pollutants (not dumped in the backyard please! or in the rain gutter). You should, if you are not already, be using a water filtration system in your house for everyday drinking water. 

     Next pay attention to length of showers, cut down on the number of baths, and for the sake of the aqua-friends and your children's children, do not let the water run when brushing your teeth. People are still doing this, it really isn't to much to ask is it?
     What you shower in and flush down the toilet and dump in the driveway comes back around into drinking water, rain for your gardens and farmers crops. You know you can make a difference when it comes to matters of such great importance!

Don't forget to keep yourself safe from what has already gotten the water supply. Filter and purify it may distressing to think of but it is a must for you and the health of your family.

10 Simple Ways to Conserve Water
The amount of drinkable water per person is dramatically shrinking. In fact, the availability of freshwater will decrease by 33 percent within the next 50 years due to....Read More icon


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