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When you think green in today's world, especially western culture, appliances have become an everyday luxury that we more often than not take for granted. Please remember that it takes energy to make these appliance work and our lives easier. Reflect on how you can make the difference by choosing energy efficient appliances, then you can achieve both the luxuries and the peace of mind that you are trying to make a conscious choice in trying to cut back on the amount of power you are using. Remember that if we all contribute to using 2%-10% on a daily basis we can make the difference. We can slow down the rate at which we consume and destroy our resources and fill the landfills.

     Get the most out of every watt you use. Some selection (on the right)  includes electrical appliances with higher than average efficiency and some specialty gas appliances, including gas refrigerators and freezers and a new item the Countertop Dishwasher.

Heat Saving Tips for Winter
Learn how you can cut your heat and energy costs this winter by incorporating a few simple techniques. Read More icon

Running Your Home More Efficiently
With increasing gas prices and diminishing resources, everyone should think about making their home more energy-efficient. Read more to learn simple steps you can take to decrease your energy consumption. Read More icon


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