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   Renewable sources of energy has found itself in the spotlight, from corporations to the individual consumer. People are realizing that fossil fuels are not the best source of energy anymore. Even though there is a continual debate over the reality of the "green house effect", the fact of the matter is that the general temperature of the planet is increasing (whether or not it is due to human involvement or not). This growing concern over the condition of our habitat, the earth, has led to the development of new technologies mixed it with knowledge from the ages and it is now taking hold on a global scale. You too can take part in this transformation of responsible energy usage.
    Once you get on board and start to make a difference, it will carry on to our children and grandchildren. The power of today can still be here tomorrow, but only with help from you. You have the choice to create responsible energy usage in your home and community; energy that is clean, reliable, cost effective, and renewable.

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