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Earth Friendly Products

  Start feeding your head the truth about environmental needs, concerns, and developments. 
  • Do your share to reduce the amount of damage done daily by investigating eco-friendly products.
  • Products that use recycled materials for packaging, products that are animal cruelty-free. Trade in your "conventional chemical cleaners and soaps" for eco-friendly biodegradable ones.
  • Install efficient lighting, use energy-star products (Energy Star Appliance Check).
  • Become conscious of what is in your water and air and how it got that way. We urge to think about safeguarding against air and water pollution.
  • The Hungry strongly urges you to take action. Remember you can make a difference by becoming an informed and consciences consumer. Let us not forget you will be healthier and happier living with the world instead living through it. Go Green!

Articles and Info
Healthier Laundry. Due to the many resources it uses, the simple act of doing laundry can create a large environmental impact. Learn how to lessen these effects in this look at making your laundry greener and cleaner.  Read More

Energy Efficient Lighting: One Bright Idea. This look at the economic and environmental advantages of energy efficient lighting examines the appreciable savings you can realize by using compact fluorescent light bulbs at home. Additionally, you'll learn tips to help maximize your investment in this technology and achieve the most cost-effective results. Read More icon

Easy Energy Conservation: Meaningful energy conservation strategies don't have to be complicated or costly. These quick and easy ideas help you save energy, money, and the environment without breaking a sweat or your piggy bank. Read More icon

Running Your Home More Efficiently: With increasing gas prices and diminishing resources, everyone should think about making their home more energy-efficient. Read more to learn simple steps you can take to decrease your energy consumption. Read More icon

Which Massage is best for you? An ancient and simple form of healing, massage is one of today's most popular alternative treatments. How do you select a massage before setting your appointment? Read More icon

Sound Healing: 
Q: What heals the body, calms the mind and soothes the spirit; costs nothing, requires no assembly or batteries and is always available at your beck and call?
A: The sound of your own voice.   Read More icon

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