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Having Trouble Losing Weight?
You may be affected by a sluggish metabolism.
Boost your metabolism with all natural enzymes and herbs!

Natural Metabolism Enhancer

(180 capsules)

Natural Metabolism Enhancer* is a unique herbal and enzyme formula that boosts your metabolism and specifically addresses the improper digestion and over-accumulation of fats in the body.* Natural Metabolism Enhancer* contains eight specific enzymes and natural nutrients that burn fats and naturally boost your metabolism.*

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Suggested Usage:
Take 2 capsules with each meal, up to a maximum of 8 capsules per day.
see ingredients

  • Helps reduce the storage and accumulation of fats in the body naturally*
  • Supplies natural source enzymes that promote the better digestion of fats*
  • Boosts your body’s ability to produce metabolic enzymes*
  • Does not contain any harmful stimulants such as ephedra*

  • See in-depth information on promoting a healthy metabolism

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    Product Ingredients

    180 capsules
    Serving size: 2 capsules

    Each serving contains:

    Lipase 200 mg
    Digests fats, which are the most difficult component of the diet to break-down.* Lipase is important in maintaining optimum cell permeability, which allows nutrients to flow easily into cells and wastes to flow out.* Lipase low or deficient people may also be lacking in many fat-soluble nutrients, including vitamins A, D and E, as they cannot break-down and absorb them.*

    Amylase 160 mg
    Digests carbohydrates.* People who experience problems digesting fats often eat large amounts of simple carbohydrates or sugars to make up for the lack of fat in their diet.* Diets high in sugars can contribute to an amylase deficiency.*

    Protease(acid stable) 120 mg
    Digests protein into smaller units called amino acids.* Someone deficient in protease may have difficulties digesting proteins, including those found in vegetables.* Proper protease levels promote a stronger immune system.*

    Disaccharides 120 mg
    Digests sugars.* The three major sugars are sucrose (cane sugar), lactose (milk sugar) and maltose (grain sugar).*

    Gugulipid extract 100 mg
    Studies show that gugulipid helps cholesterol and triglycerides stay within the normal range.* Offers protection from free radical damage.*

    Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg
    Found in every cell of the body, where it helps generate the energy that keeps us alive and functioning.* Lipoic acid is a key part of the metabolic machinery that turns glucose (blood sugar) into energy for the body's needs.* Lipoic acid is an antioxidant that helps neutralize harmful free radicals.* But unlike other antioxidants, which work exclusively in only water or fatty tissues, lipoic acid functions in both water and fat.* By comparison, vitamin E works only in fat and vitamin C works only in water.* Alpha Lipoic Acid has an unusually broad spectrum of action that greatly helps boost the body's natural metabolic functions.*

    Acerola Fruit and Citrus Bioflavonoids 100 mg
    One of the richest sources of vitamin C.* Functions as a powerful antioxidant.* Vitamin C is needed to make collagen, the glue that strengthens many parts of the body, such as the muscles and blood vessels.* Bioflavonoids are essential for the absorption of vitamin C, and the two should be taken together.* The human body cannot produce Bioflavonoids, so they must be supplied in the diet or through supplementation.*

    Brewers Yeast powder 100 mg
    A rich source of the B-complex vitamins, protein (providing all the essential amino acids) and various minerals.* Brewers yeast is one of only two natural sources of chromium.* It is by far the best source of chromium, in terms of quality, quantity, bio-availability and safety.* Brewers yeast is not related to the Candida fungus, which causes yeast infection.* Vitamin C (Acerola fruit) increases the absorption of chromium.* Studies indicate that chromium helps increase fat loss and lean muscle tissue gain.*

    Other ingredients: capsules: dehydrated gelatin

    Reduce Fat Accumulation in your Body by Boosting your Metabolism*

    An imbalanced or sluggish metabolism can cause many different poor health effects and symptoms such as weight gain, indigestion, lethargy, fatigue and poor immune response.* The emergence of these conditions and the reasons why are no secret. We can point the finger directly at the proliferation of unhealthy foods in our diet, with the biggest culprit being our increased consumption of unhealthy fats.* Unhealthy fats negatively affect and slow our metabolic processes and can interfere with the proper digestion and elimination of fats from our bodies.*

    The natural tendency of our body to accumulate and store fats for future use is a normal and much needed process.* However, due to the prevalence of junk foods, enzyme deficient processed foods and harmful substances such as trans-fatty acids, it's apparent that our current metabolic processes need help.*

    Today's generation has developed serious health problems associated with a slow metabolism, obesity and the improper digestion and elimination of fats.* These problems are directly related to the quality of the food we ingest.* In our fast paced society it is almost impossible to exclusively ingest only natural source healthy foods and totally avoid unhealthy food choices.*

    However, there are several different types of natural enzymes and herbs that can be very effective in helping our body digest fats and naturally improve our metabolic processes, effectively minimizing the negative effects today's unhealthy foods have on our bodies.*

    When too many fats are improperly digested by the body, it can negatively affect our natural metabolic rate, suppressing it and slowing it down.* This is a vicious cycle as the more our metabolism slows down, the more it neglects to process the fats we are constantly consuming.* This can result in the unhealthy over-accumulation of fats in the body and the further deterioration of our metabolic processes.*

    To properly digest and metabolize fats our body needs adequate amounts of specific enzymes and nutrients.* Unfortunately, the average North American diet is insufficient in these badly needed enzymes and nutrients and usually requires supplementation.*

    Natural Metabolism Enhancer* is a unique herbal and enzyme formula that boosts your metabolism and specifically addresses the improper digestion and over-accumulation of fats in the body.* Natural Metabolism Enhancer* contains eight specific enzymes and natural nutrients that burn fats and naturally boost your metabolism.*
  • Bio-available lipase is crucial to the proper digestion of fats and helps maintain healthy cell permeability.* This allows nutrients to flow easily into cells and for fats, toxins and wastes to be properly eliminated.*

  • Plant source protease, amylase and disaccharides ensure you properly digest carbohydrates, proteins and sugars.*

  • Alpha lipoic acid and the herbs brewer's yeast powder, acerola fruit and citrus bioflavonoids help boost your body's ability to produce metabolic enzymes.*

  • People using Natural Metabolism Enhancer* have experienced the improved digestion of fats and an increase in their natural metabolic rate, resulting in improved energy, better digestion, and a naturally leaner body.* Supplementing your diet with these necessary enzymes and herbs can help ensure a healthy metabolism and the proper digestion and elimination of the unhealthy fats that are prevalent in today's food products.*

    Metabolism and Health

    Many overweight people have metabolism imbalances or may eventually suffer from one.* The problem in our diet is not fat itself, but the kind of fat we ingest and whether or not these fats are properly digested.* Our body needs healthy fats, but if they are not broken-down effectively, they can accumulate in the tissues of the body.*

    While our body does internally manufacture a supply of enzymes, it usually produces them in insufficient quantities to adequately process the unhealthy and impure foods we are constantly exposed to.* Enzymes can be obtained from food such as whole fruits, whole grains and vegetables, but unfortunately these enzyme sources are extremely sensitive to heat. Even fairly low heat (118%F or above) destroys almost all the enzymes you may find in nutrient rich foods. To properly obtain enzymes in our diets from natural food sources we should consume them raw or lightly steamed.

    Lipase, an enzyme that breaks-down fats, is typically severely depleted when foods are processed or heated.* As we continue to eat enzyme deficient foods our natural lipase levels are further depleted and the body becomes less efficient at digesting fats.*

    Important facts about Metabolism

  • Food energy is expressed in calories - carbohydrates have an average value of 4.1 calories per gram, proteins have 5.7 calories per gram and fats have an average of 9.3 calories per gram.*
  • Metabolism is regulated by the nervous system, the pancreas, the pituitary and adrenal glands of the endocrine (glandular) system.*
  • Metabolism is the chemical and physical processes continuously going on in living organisms and cells, including the changing of food into living tissue and the changing of living tissue into waste products and energy.*
  • If you lack the sufficient enzymes needed to digest fats you may experience a greater accumulation of fatty deposits throughout your body.* Supplementation of these enzymes, together with the addition of alpha lipoic acid and brewers yeast powder to your system can help boost a sluggish metabolism.

  • These products are not available in stores! Now you can buy premium quality herbal supplements and beauty products at DIRECT TO CONSUMER PRICES!

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    * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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