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Rad2Go Q Electric Chariot

Product ID: 453392218

Price: $799.95
Retail Price: $1099.95

The Q Electric Chariot by Rad2Go is quick, quiet and quite a lot of fun to ride. It's like having your own personal moving sidewalk! The Q performs much like other two-wheel, stand on human transporters on the market, but at a fraction of the cost. The Q can be casually driven or slalomed similar to skiing. You use your body, along with the handlebars, to steer and control its direction. The Q features four wheels which provide a stable platform whether the unit is powered or not. No automatic balancing mechanism is required. The two front electric drive wheels and rear steering offer a tight turning radius, enhanced responsiveness and superior maneuverability. A state of the art regenerative braking system extends range and battery life by adding a small charge to the battery every time you hit the brakes. The Q comes with many impressive features like reverse mode, quick change batteries, keyed ignition, headlight, horn, turn signals and indicator gauges. Rad2Go is one of the premier manufacturers of electric scooters on the market today.

Please note: This is the 2004 model Q Electric Chariot. It comes with regenerative braking, rear end suspension, rear deck reinforcement and an easier folding mechanism. Earlier models don't contain these great new features!

Speed: 10 mph
Range: 18 miles
Motor: Two 150 watt hub motors. Each drive wheel has its own motor.
Frame: Hi-tensile steel frame with a reinforced fiberglass / durable ABS plastic body. Rear end suspension and rear deck reinforcement.
Drive Train: Direct drive system connected to the hub motors. The thumb throttle has a fast/slow selector, a park/run selector and a highly sensitive variable speed throttle control. The Q offers both forward and reverse motion.
Battery: 24V, 17Ah lead acid batteries with a quick change battery feature. Batteries offer over 300 cycles of use.
Charge Time: 8– 10 hours.
Brakes: The 2004 model Q offers an enhanced regenerative braking system for surer and safer stopping. This regenerative braking system delivers a small charge back to the battery each time you brake. This state of the art feature extends the range of the Q and life of the battery.
Weight: 105 lbs.
Dimensions: Length 29", Width 23", Height 49", Folded Height 18".
Carrying Capacity: 250 lbs.
Tires: 16" x 2.125" aluminum front wheels with pneumatic "air filled" tires. The 5" x 2" rear airless tires offer support to the vehicle while in motion and when parked.
Warranty: 90 day manufacturer's warranty.

Standard Features:
• Forward and reverse mode.
• Handlebars that fold for easy storage and transport.
• Adjustable height handlebars with 5" inches of play.
• Key ignition for added security.
• Headlight.
• Electric horn.
• Front facing, left and right turn signals.
• Battery indicator gauge.
• Speed indicator gauge.
• LED power and headlight indicator display.
• Battery charger.

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