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Sym`bi'otic~[Greek sumbiõsis, companionship, from sumbioun, to live together, from sumbios, living together : sun-, syn- + bios, life; see g"wei- in Indo-European Roots.]
1. Biology. A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member.
2. A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence.

Take a moment to look around you right now, what type of art is hanging on the walls, sitting on the desk, the bookshelf? 
Surrounding yourself with items that inspire, motivate, and intrigue are wonderful ways to engage in self development, personal growth, and achieve "success". Choose your relationships wisely; be aware & conscious and notice yourself making a difference in your own life.

   When we explore the world around us we see it comprised of a myriad of relationships. We engage in relationships from the moment we are born; with family, food, air ,and materials of all sorts. It is up to each of us to choose what types of relationships we will have. They can be of mutual benefit or only taking, or giving. Finding a balance with each person in our life, the type and quality of food we take into ourselves, how we give back to our community that supports us (other than taxes), how we feed our mind, i.e. books, television, art, theater, magazines, what myths we choose to follow and believe. Symbiosis is a part of your life, you need only engage the world around you. To the left are some artist who can inspire each of us. 
     Artist does not always pertain to drawing. Drawing on Otto Rank: an artist is one who is capable of creating something original; an idea, thought, piece of work, book,  painting, writings, molding, sculpting, etc. is considered to be an artist. 
   Great thinkers, poets, writers, activist with a dream are all artist. They are following that muse inside of them, creating something out of nothing, wielding a godly power.

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