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Did your Vote Count? Watch a very disturbing video about it Here
Electronic Voting
Author Bev Harris is the 52-year old grandma who found 40,000 secret voting machine files on the Web, which have now been studied by computer scientists all over the world. "Black Box Voting" is the book that resulted from her investigations into the voting industry.
What she learned was that modern-day voting systems are run by private for-profit corporations, rely on a few cronies for oversight, using a certification system so fundamentally flawed that it allows machines to miscount and lose votes, with hidden back doors that enable "end runs" around the voting system. Find out why your vote might not count -- and what to do about it! Here

Take Action starting today! Each one of us engages in activities everyday that affect the environment in some form or another. We could point fingers at the big corporations and elected officials, but in all fairness we should should start with looking at ourselves.

     Where is it that you do your shopping? Do you know what companies do to offer you their merchandise? Are they engaged in deforestation? Are they out for just profits or are they giving something back to the environment? Are you concerned with what it takes to get your merchandise or are you indifferent? Find out at Responsible Shopper.

     When and who did you vote for in your last local and national election? Did you know their score on the "Congressional Report Card?" Did you even vote? Take a moment and learn about the officials in your area and how they rank. Quick State and Local government information.

     So often we hear how we are so rapidly destroying this miracle planet we call earth  and that people feel helpless to do anything about the state of the world. Well, you can do something, be a conscious consumer. Just take a moment to learn a little about who you are buying from. Read the outsides of packages to notice something as simple as "Cruelty-Free Product" or "Not tested on animals" before you buy something. You would be shocked to find out what your favorite brands are doing to earn their profits. . Be a smart and safe shopper, the planet will love you for it and you will be making the difference you didn't think you could make
Find Out More about RFID-LABELS

Be sure to read the "Terra Tips" section of this web site to know more about ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle..

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Petition to Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Petition to protect U.S.  lakes, rivers and streams.

Petition to protect U.S. forests.

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