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"Green Thumbs-Up!" is an amazing new tool that sits on your computer and *automatically* generates donations for environmental causes when you shop online. Up to 12.5% is donated - at zero cost to you. Plus, by using the Green Thumbs-Up, you'll save 1 square foot of rain forest every day. Plus, the tool will tell you how eco-friendly and socially responsible websites are! Try it today.

Send a card    
     Do you send cards via email? Like the idea of helping out the World Wildlife Fund? Then you should try out Ecards. For each card you send you help a worthy cause. Why not send a card to somebody right now telling them how they could help using Ecards?

Check Out Votergate. And the Diebold Voting Machines.

Data Center--Impact research for Social Justice. A wealth of information and links to find what you are looking for a Hungry Favorite for information gathering and research.

The Right to Know Network--The Right-to-Know Network, a service provided by OMB Watch, provides free access to numerous databases, text files, and conferences on the environment. With the information available on RTK NET, you can identify specific factories and their environmental effects and assess people and communities affected.

Learn about how to use our rights and obtain information that is available to you as a citizen of the United States. You pay taxes, that has earned you the right to be part of the "system" and not just an observer. Learn about Using the Freedom of Information Act Today!

Have7% of your Phone Bill goes towards environmental causes
. This service replaces both your long distance and your local service and combines them into one service, costing $49.99 per month, which includes unlimited no-cost long distance calling, anywhere in the United States. Other features included are basic phone service, voice mail, call waiting, caller id, and voice-activated calling. One bill, one price, 7% to the

Get your children involved, interested, and on the educational path that engages the environment. Over time they will have developed a certain level of respect for the "natural" world around them. It will only be common sense to take the environment into consideration when they begin to make desisions for themselves. The children, your children, are the future of our planet. If we can get the young people of this would instilled with concern, respect and understanding about what their roll is with the environment the change will come
The change must begin with you and your household. You must set the example and give the reasons why you are making the choices you do. This one thing of showing you care and teaching your children can make the biggest difference. Use books about these issuse to help them learn to read.

coverThis textbook provides students with a comprehensive guide to a range of issues environmental political.
A readable guide to change modern  frameworks and reorganize how leadership roles respond to their "business." A must have for non-for-profits.
Gift Ideas for the "Environmentalist"
Healthy Household Gift Set icon  
Includes a Canvas Shopping Bag, a 180-count roll of Natural Brown Paper Towels, one 32-oz. bottle each of safe Non-chlorine Bleach and Liquid Laundry Detergent, a package of 30 Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags and a 22-oz. bottle of Dishwashing Liquid. 
Recycled Paper Gift Set icon
Includes a Canvas Shopping Bag, a 100-count box of Facial Tissue, 2 rolls of 180-count Natural Brown Paper Towels, one 500-sheet roll of 2-ply Bathroom Tissue, and a 500-count package of Natural Brown Napkins. Please note, paper plates are not included.
Sierra Club Links:
Earth Day events in your area.

Petition to Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Petition to protect U.S.  lakes, rivers and streams.

Petition to protect U.S. forests.

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