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Environment Information (Links)

  • The Busy Person's Guide to Greener Living - Site offers weekly tips and other information to email subscribers, some information and links accessible without subscription.
  • EcoLiving Center - Online community that represents the values of cultural creatives. Stated focus is on naturally healthy, earth friendly living. Sections include message boards, articles, links, e-cards and current events. Primary issues include health, home, gardens, eco-living, environment, spirituality, vegetarianism, animals, energy saving, green building and politics.
  • EcoLogic - Creating a Sustainable Future - Australia's Powerhouse Musuem has developed this online resource to complement its physical exhibition of sustainable living ideas and technologies. EcoLogic will exist both physically and online until at least 2008.
  • Green Building Primer by B.E.S.T. - Green Building: A Primer for Builders, Consumers and Realtors published by B.E.S.T. (Building Environmental Science and Technology). Provides a detailed review of green building approaches and considerations. USA centric, globally useful.
  • The Green Design Initiative - Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Initiative. An industry-academic consortium researching the benefits of managing resources and usage of toxic substances.
  • Green Living Center - Clearinghouse for information about creating a healthier and more sustainable home.
  • Home Ecology - Extensive noncommercial information source on strategies for ecologically sound living: composting, natural gardening, junk mail reduction, energy and water conservation, garbage reduction, safety of household chemicals and cleaners, and related topics.
  • Home*A*Syst: - An Environmental Risk-Assessment Guide for the Home. Covers eleven topics that every homeowner or resident should understand: evaluating a property for environmental risks, stormwater management, drinking water well management, household wastewater, hazardous household products, lead, year and garden care, liquid fuels, indoor air quality, heating and cooling systems, and household waste management.
  • The Importance of Living Things in Our Everyday World - Did You Know? - Discussion of declining quality of various world systems, extracted from book "The Vital Vastness". Includes some positive suggestions. Book available for order online. Lots of assertions. Sources used in book are not referenced online.
  • Institute for Sustainable Futures - The Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) is an initiative of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). The ISF conducts applied research and consulting on a wide range of sustainability related topic areas.
  • Low-Impact Living Initiative - Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) is a UK based non-profit organisation dedicated to helping protect the global environment by researching and promoting sustainable, low-impact living alternatives. Includes information sheets, information on workshops, installations and newsletters.
  • Michael Mobbs | Sustainable Projects & Design - Michael Mobbs is a Sustainable Projects and Design consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Michael has held an interest in sustainable design for over 20 years, advising about technology, design, environmental law and policy to government, the private sector and community groups.
  • National Wildlife Federation - Backyard Wildlife Habitat program can help you save a place for wildlife right in your own backyard and community, while opening your eyes to the natural world around you, to be nourished by its wonders.
  • Oikos - Green Building Source - Oikos is an Oregon based distribution firm with many links to green design resources. Features a Green Product Directory and a Green Building Library. Useful for commercial green builders and novices seeking professional information.
  • One Individual - Tips for sustainable living and environmental news. Intended to bring environmental issues into the consciousness of Australian web users.
  • Passive Solar Industries Council (PSIC) - All aspects of sustainable design and construction: energy efficiency, renewable technologies, daylighting, healthy indoor environments, traditional materials, and resource conservation.
  • Planet-Era Action Inc. Institute - Non-profit technology transfer institute dedicated to innovation and public education in sustainable development and self-sufficiency. Research and experimental development of cost-effective energy efficiency for homes, businesses, and farms.
  • The Solar Harvest Organization - Promotes renewable energy and sustainable living in the Rocky Mountain west.

Re-useable Links

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Energy Star (appliance check)
Consumer Education Initiative
Friends Of The Earth
Conservation Action Network
Basel Action Network
A New America?
Turn Off TV/ Turn ON Life
Global Exchange
U.N. Environment Program
Zero Waste America
Zero Waste
Save our Environment
Alliance to Save Energy
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